House of Tree Progress

house of tree4

House of Tree is right at home among the redwoods, catching October’s afternoon sun

Ene and I stopped by the site of my House of Tree Project on our way to Occidental’s farmer’s market. Richard and Tom had left for the day, but we climbed up and were excited to see the building’s exterior envelope complete- windows and doors in place, cortens steel roof installed, and rough cut siding nailed up. ivermectin rural king I was happy to see the quality of wood comprising the siding, tight-grained heartwood, over an inch thick, milled on site from redwood trees felled to build the structure. Richard and I decided to combine vertical, over-sized battens for straight runs, and 10″ wide horizontal clapboards above and below windows, to exaggerate the building’s framing. ivermectin dosage for humans in south africa Next week the guys will focus on building the staircase, which will wind up below the house, making two landings on the way up before finally landing on the back deck. how much ivermectin to use for a rabbit with ear mites My client returns next week and I’m sure he’s going to be thrilled.

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