Micro-Expedition, Session 6

estero americano

Estero Americano meanders westward towards Bodega Bay from Valley Ford.

I’m proud of the progress the students have made in constructing their craft in anticipation of our voyage on Estero Americano. They’ve been working like a true Atelier, dutifully helping each other cut, mill and shape their stock, and the little boats are nearly ready to frame up. As we approach the middle of the semester, we’ll begin to take stock of the final project, a 2-3 day paddle down Estero Americano to the Pacific Coast. how do i dose my rabbits with ivermectin Each week for the remainder of the semester, we’ll spend about an hour planning the trip, addressing issues ranging from safety and food, to clothing and shelter, natural history and project documentation. can i use ivermectin as my only dewormer in a dog kennel

tide log

I’m hoping some of the class will stay an extra night to see the lunar eclipse. para k sirve ivermectina 6 mg

Weather provided, we plan to leave the weekend of December 18, paddle to the coast, set up camp, with the majority of students returning the following day. I’m hoping a core of students will want to spend an extra night to see the lunar eclipse on the full moon of December 20, which rises just before sunset. This week, I plan to make an exploratory paddle on the Estero, which should be navigable after the recent rains.