Deep Deck for Shadowshop

deep deck1

I photographed my new Deep Deck overlooking Tomales Bay on my way to SFMOMA

I delivered the first in a series of Deep Deck skateboards to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art yesterday, where they will be on display as part of Stephanie Syjoco’s Shadowshop project, opening on Novemver 20 through May 1, 2011. Below are a montage of images and text that will be displayed alongside the Deep Deck, which I will be custom making to order for the duration of the exhibition:

deep deck MONTAGE

The Deep Deck is the first in a line of bioregional products by Deep Craft, a hybrid brand-movement-ethos developed by artist/designer Scott Constable.

The Deep Deck concept emerged from Constable’s diversified efforts to create a regional vernacular of sustainability, tapping the unique physical and cultural geography of the Sonoma Coast and San Francisco Bay bioregions. Studio investigations and field research are archived on Constable’s site, culminating in his ongoing Deep Craft manifesto.

Each Deep Deck is handcrafted according to an individual’s bodytype and riding style, utilizing unique native Californian hardwoods culled from ‘horticultural salvage’.

For Shadowshop, the Deep Deck is being produced as a limited edition, numbered series in American Elm (ulmus Americana) with wood milled from a cache of reclaimed street trees characteristic of the urban forest. Styled after the classic longboard borrowed from surf culture, Deep Deck is designed mainly for cruising and transportation, but is well suited to carving a gentle country slope, or simply hanging on a wall. To discuss a commission, please contact Scott directly at

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