Wowhaus Convivium #1

convivium dinner

885 jonive site plan


Convivium: (ecology) A geographically isolated population of a species that shows differentiation from other populations of the same species; becomes a subspecies or ecotype.

Participants: Yvonne Mouser, Adam Reineck, Jacob Mouser, Leif Hedendal, Nicole LaBue, Colby Eierman, Peter Eierman, Mimi Robinson, Aili Osteraas-Constable, Ene Osteraas-Constable, Scott Constable.

Menu: focaccia with rosemary; mushroom and barley soup with pickled peppers; roasted root vegetables; bitter green salad with late season apples; dates, satsumas and hoshigaki.

2 replies on “Wowhaus Convivium #1”

  1. Scott
    Love the idea! If you ever want to franchise to the great white north we are in. One question? On th map it shows two locations with the name pimp house? What exacatly goes on in a pimp house? We don’t have these in Canada. Maybe it is an American thing. Hope you and the girls are doing great.

  2. Hey Andy- Thanks for the comment. We should talk about a Northern franchise once we get our property up and running. The small type on my map actually says ‘pump’ house. It’s where our wells are sited. We have two- one for irrigation and one for everything else.. Happy Holidays!

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