Pencil Panic



Front and back of my last box of Blue Band Velevet #5572

As a daily comfort I prefer quality, vintage pencils, which I use in the course of drawing, writing and working with wood. I’m in a bit of a panic, down to my last box of Blue Band Velvets, manufactured by the American Lead Pencil Company in the 1920’s, that I inherited from my grandfathers (not sure which one), along with some drafting tools and hand planes of the same vintage. ???? ????? Luckily, I’ve discovered Bob Truvy’s website dedicated to the historic archive of pencils from around the world. Unfortunately, his collection is not for sale, so I plan to continue my search, knowing that contemporary pencil manufacture is not up to snuff. ??? ???? ?? ??????? I’m even considering making my own as we prepare to fell a pair of incense cedar trunks on our property, the best wood for making high quality pencils. ????? ???? ?????

incense cedar

our twin trunk incense cedar, limmed and ready to be felled


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  1. Hi Scott : Really interesting about the pencils ! I remember that my Dad was really into good pencils for his drafting work but I don’t recall the brand – I do remember that I gave you some of his drafting tools and a couple of hand planes. I’m quite sure that you are very able to make a fine, high quality pencil.

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