Wowhaus Safari

st helena railroad shanty

I love this tiny ‘Carpenter’s Gothic’ cottage along the railroad tracks in St. Helena

Whenever Ene and I are feeling cagey and uninspired, we like to seek out the unexplored edges of where we live, sometimes just to see what’s changed after our last visit, having now lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years this month. We call these journeys ‘wowhaus safaris’, and though we’re mostly in need of a tiny vacation and a change of scenery after spending weeks on end focused on the property and projects, we inevitably seek out cool vernacular architecture and design for inspiration. This past weekend we took advantage of the balmy Indian Summer weather and made two rambling day trips in opposite directions, dogs in tow. ivermectin mechanism scabies

sonoma house

I love the proportions of this adobe house in Sonoma

welding font

I love this hand-painted font on an industrial metal shop in Winters

ocean climate center1

I love everything about this house in the Presidio that now functions as the Ocean Climate Center for the National Marine Sanctuaries

lucy-golden gate2

Lucy loved hiking to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge


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  1. Scott
    Just realized that I’m not getting email notifications of your blog updates any more. I’ve been missing the updates and then discovered all the good stuff when I logged on tonight!
    What happened?

  2. Hey Donald- Good to hear from you! I don’t know what happened with the notifications, but I’ve had the same thing happen to me in the past. I’ve had to ‘re-subscribe’.. Anyway, hope to see you soon! S

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