Snyder’s Garage

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Snyder’s Garage, Nederland, Colorado

I’m excited to be reconnecting with my old pals Mike High and George Elvin over a new project we’re teaming up on in Nederland, Colorado. It’s been 25 years since the three of us worked together as Providence Builders in Alexandria, Virginia, a short-lived design/build company I helped found soon after Mike and I graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. We loved working together back then, mostly on domestic scale renovations, but our ideas were beyond our capabilities. ????? ???? ????? We’ve all kept on track in our different ways since that time- George earned his PhD in Architecture and is now a tenured professor; Mike is a seasoned real estate broker and craftsman; I’ve realized a range of ambitious projects in the realms of public art and design. Mike’s also invited his friend Carr to join us on our reconnaissance trip, who works internationally in various capacities producing events and staging live music. ????? ???????

Mike fell in love with the town of Nederland during an extended trip last winter and has been in touch with us all since then as he’s developed a strategy for the adaptive reuse of Snyder’s Garage, a well-sited historic building for sale downtown. We’ll spend the next two days in feasibility mode- surveying the building, brainstorming, visiting local sites, and generally devising a plan that capitalizes on our combined knowledge and professional experience. ?????? ??? ???? ?????

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  1. Noticed your intsest in this building. Have you given up due to the reclamation needed to bring this site up to code?

  2. Hi Joel- Yes, that’s part of the reason why we’ve hesitated developing anything further. There were ultimately too many unknowns on too many fronts, although we’d still love to make something happen there and love the property.

  3. Scott – I’m familiar with Synder’s Garage. I lived near Nederland some 30 years ago. Since those days I’ve been busy restoring old properties here on the western slope of Colorado. One thing that has always bothered me about SG is why hasn’t it been restored after all these years? Since it’s an old garage do you think there are environmental issues? I see it all the time – sweet little corner filling stations built back in the 30’s neglected because there is a buried old fuel tank on the property.
    Best of wishes – EV

  4. My wife and I got to know Lester and Iva Snyder as college students in the early 70s. Lester and Iva were already 80 years old by then. They warmly received us in Nederland, and treated us to fine meals and great stories in their living quarters attached to the garage. I once went up to Rollins Pass with Lester in his 1920’s Cadillac wrecker to tow a midwestern salesman who had tried to get across a snowdrift blocking the road.

  5. Lester is my uncle but I only seen them one time.we were on a vacation and stop by there 1967, We lived in Nebraska where I was born and my fatherli came to Nederland to work with my uncle but it didn’t last long. We moved to Idaho in 1934. I was in the Navy for 3 years and settled I’m Calif. for 40’years , We are back in Idaho. I am 91 years old and my wife of 71 years is still with me in assistant living. I never seen my cousins and dun’t know if there living. That old garage has held up pretty well though. We have severel pictures, Yours truly. Mel & Connie Snyder.

  6. Hello Melvin,

    Thank you for sending such a thoughtful and informative note. I would love to see you photos. If you are able to share them online, please email me copies at



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