Deep Craft is a site for articulating a deeper understanding of craft practices and products through experimental research and demonstration. Deep Craft begins as a window into my woodworking studio, much like a contemporary version of the ‘Jointer’s Journals’ of the 18th and 19th centuries. I invite you to join me as I explore the coastal bio-region of Northern California, using simple tools and sharpened senses to reinvigorate the role of the handmade in contemporary life.

In the coming months, this site will evolve in both content and interactivity. My hope is for Deep Craft to spark a collaborative effort to establish a bio-regional credo outlining our relationship to place and to each other.

I extend my gratitude to the Center for Cultural Innovation (, whose inaugural Investing in Artists Grant has made this endeavor possible. I’m equally indebted to John Bielenberg, Erik Cox and David Stychno of C2 ( for the design of the ‘deep’ logo, and to Mark Resch and Sarah Dopp of for the design of this site and its future iterations.
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