Dance of Life

stove relief

cast iron relief sculpture on the sides of my woodshop stove

The little outbuilding I recently converted to a dedicated woodshop has a small cast iron stove. After installing a new roof with a pair of solatubes, the interior light is much brighter and I finally got a good look at the romantic scene relief-cast into the stove’s two long flanks, which I’ve scraped clean of most rust and built-up grime. Depicting a young couple, gesturing towards the mountain peaks arm in arm, the relief reminds me of a photograph of Ene and me at our wedding under a tent on the banks of the Hudson.

wedding dance

Ene and my ‘first dance’ at our wedding on the Hudson in August, 1989

As we enter the season of crisp clear days and frosty nights, and I get into a rhythm making morning fires to warm the woodshop and plunge into the daily rituals of planning projects and preparing my stock, I’m happily reminded of the larger scale motivations underlying the busywork comprising the day, and its cumulative effect, the dance of life.

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  1. Great photo of you guys dancing on that wonderful day ! Interesting note about the stove in your shop !

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