Now Day

beach drummer2

We met a kid drumming to the setting sun over Portuguese Beach

Craving some time out of time to relax and refresh, we traipsed up the coast, rambled along riparian paths of redwood and red alder to remote gulches and beaches, snoozing, snacking and staring into the waves. We had a Now Day, checked our concerns at the door and followed our noses into the open air of a perfect October day. I had forgotten how when you drop into the zone of a heightened Now, you tend to find simpatico souls. Living in West Africa, we would find entire villages whose primary occupation was to trouvez la joie; “On doit partager la joie!”. While this may not be the best strategy for productivity, it sure makes for happy times, and the days invariably transition into night with everyone gathered around open fires, drumming and dancing. No amount of wealth can replicate such shared contentment in the moment. Sure enough, we found some kindred spirits on our journey into the day, most notably a kid who set up his sparkly red trap kit on a bluff overlooking Portuguese Beach, offering up a bop-brushy soundtrack to the setting sun.

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