A glimpse of the deck and cockpit of ‘Suddenly’, our 1978 Hunter 25 sailboat.

Suddenly is the name of our new sailboat, a 1978 Hunter 25 docked at a convenient slip in the Berkeley Marina. The boat is aptly named, for like so many things worth the wait, no matter how well-reasoned and researched the quest, the decision to take the plunge often happens quite suddenly. We’ll be using her as an urban extension of the wowhaus studio, as a family sailing lab for excursions on the Bay and into the Delta, a place to meet with friends and clients and as a tiny apartment for the occasional overnight.


The cabin is ample but minimal, and sleeps five in spartan comfort.

Most significantly, Suddenly will function as a kind of muse for the wowhaus studio and our ever-increasing range of work in art and design in the public sphere. As we continue to build out our studio compound on the rural Sonoma Coast, our over-lapping projects require a near constant flow of new ideas. Experience has taught us that in order to maintain focus and to keep things fresh and fun, sometimes innovation requires a muse.

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