Spark Murals Installed


Ene and Ali get ready to grout the four 9′ x 12′ glass mosaic murals comprising Spark.

Ene and Ali have been working with a small crew installing our Spark mural project at Chabot College in Hayward.  Comprised of a sequence of four 9′ x 12′ mosaic murals in colorful hand-cut glass, the project evokes the ‘spark’ of inspiration, and is permanently affixed to the school’s octagonal Planetarium. Ene has done a beautiful job managing this project and she and Ali have produced some truly magical murals that are sure to become a beloved feature of the Chabot Community College campus. 05 ivermectin dosage for cats




Be sure to look for the full story from Ene when she completes the installation. Meanwhile, to read more about the background of our Spark Project, please click here and scroll down.