Wowhaus video

When Kirsten Dirksen, founder of, visited our studio compound this past winter to talk about wowhaus, Deep Craft and House of Tree, I had no idea she’d produce a trilogy of mini-documentaries about each. I was even a little worried our rambling conversation over the course of an afternoon was too far-ranging to make a cohesive whole. I’m grateful for Kirsten’s ability to think on her feet as she interviewed me while filming, and even more so for her deftness as a story-teller in editing for both sound and image. I hope you enjoy the second installment of her trilogy, focusing on some of the ideas behind wowhaus. I’ve been asked so many times about how wowhaus came into being, it’s wonderful to have a lovely little video to do the explaining.

To watch the video on Kirsten’s website and read her excellent commentary, please click here.