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I’m very grateful to Kirsten Dirksen for making such an elegant little documentary about my House of Tree project, which she recently posted on her website, When she contacted me over the winter holidays about wanting to interview me about Deep Craft, wowhaus and House of Tree, I had not visited her website or seen any of her work, so I was surprised and delighted to learn that her focus is on small scale, portable and alternative architecture.

I spent a lively day in early January hanging out with Kirsten and her husband, Nicolas as they peppered me with insightful questions and shot stills and video. The House of Tree piece was filmed at the end of the day as the sun was setting, after we had toured our studio compound. I’ll be anxious to see the video Kirsten posts about her visit to wowhaus headquarters.

To see the video and read Kirsten’s excellent commentary on, please click here.

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