Deep Jersey

deep jersey2

Clothing Designer Gabriel Russo models the Deep Jersey.

I’ve been collaborating with my friend Gabriel Russo on the first in a series of Deep Craft garments, an open-neck, pull-over jersey. Inspired by the vintage LL Bean canvas fisherman’s tunic I wore daily as an apprentice house builder and later as a deckhand on a salmon seiner, the Deep Jersey evolved over several conversations and took shape under the capable hands of Mr Russo, master pattern-maker, clothing designer and all around style maven.

We worked together to alter the shape of the original tunic to suit a more contemporary fit, less about work and more about leisure. Using himself as a model, Gabriel made a new pattern; we both tried on the canvas prototype and agreed upon some further alterations to optimize the jersey’s multi-functionality and comfort in motion without losing its simplicity. Gabriel made a new series of prototypes in stretch denims of various weights and colors, shortened the collar, added a button loop at the neck, and emphasized the interior pocket with colorful stitching.

We’ll be introducing the Deep Jersey at my Deep Craft Atelier pop-up store project later this summer at Storefront Lab in San Francisco’s Mission District. Meanwhile, we’ve already begun to talk about a suitable trouser.

gabriel fitting

Gabriel tries on the original tunic and measures for alterations.

deep jersey proto1

We critiqued Gabriel’s canvas prototype on board ‘Suddenly’.

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