Deep Jersey

Clothing Designer Gabriel Russo models the Deep Jersey. I’ve been collaborating with my friend Gabriel Russo on the first in a series of Deep Craft garments, an open-neck, pull-over jersey. Inspired by the vintage LL Bean canvas fisherman’s tunic I wore daily as an apprentice house builder and later as a deckhand on a salmon […]

Gabriel’s Indigo Jacket

Indigo Jacket by Gabriel Russo I love the Indigo Jacket by my good pal Gabriel Russo, especially its ‘ghost pocket’. Gabriel sews and dyes these himself and each one is unique. Check out Gabriel’s wonderful website and blog to learn more about his thinking and process behind the jacket and other textile constructions. Gabriel’s work […]

In the Studio with Angelina DeAntonis

artist/textile designer Angelina DeAntonis sits in the chair her mother made, surrounded by Angelina’s ottomans I did not expect to be distracted by a chair as I entered the San Francisco studio of artist/textile designer Angelina DeAntonis, but the chair’s clean lines and straightforward presence captured my imagination, and it looked very much at home […]

In the Studio with Gabriel Russo

Gabriel Russo wearing a Hipari of his own design at his studio in Richmond, CA My friend Gabriel Russo taught me that style is a state of mind, and in capable hands can literally be constructed. What I see as the ‘everyday-special’ style evoked by his clothing design- relaxed, well-made, familiar but fresh- flows from […]

Luxury of the Essential

The L. L. Bean catalog was one of my favorite things to read as a kid growing up in sixties and seventies suburbia. The autumn issue was always the best. Before L. L. Bean became synonymous with blandly practical conservatism, the catalog was filled with specialized tools for specialized activities like fly-fishing, snow shoeing and […]