Oakland Installation Dispatch


This is to introduce James Crosby, a very talented sculpture student and former Skateboard Pro, who we’ve hired to help with the installation. Thanks to James’ incredible focus and good humor, we’ve been able to stay pretty much on schedule even though we lost a day and a half due to rain. By the end of yesterday, we had installed all four steel panels as substrates for the tile mural. Ene arrived yesterday afternoon, and the full crew will begin to set tiles today.


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  1. That new guy is super cute! 😉

    Great to meet you yesterday Scott and Ene, and how cool to now know about deepcraft, wowhaus, etc. The LOG is an amazing evolving tool! Thanks for sharing so much. The group I grew up singing with – the San Francisco Girls Chorus – is actually performing at Oliver Ranch this weekend, in some special site-specific commission for voice and dance. Can’t wait to see you guys tonight… Here’s a link to our family friend Amy’s public art work including the San Jose library project I told you guys about. She’s also done a ‘natural history of market street’ project! http://www.amytrachtenberg.com/home/projects/public_space/index.php

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