Oakland Installation Dispatch


So far this week we’ve completed the murals facing one direction and half of the first image facing the opposite direction. Ene, James and I have established a productive rhythm that should allow us to complete the project by early next week. We’ve learned to use the shadows and the position of the sun to our advantage, trying to keep the panels cool in order to prevent the adhesive from ‘kicking off’ too quickly as the tiles are laid.


Each of the eight images for Oakland Fusion has 560 hand glazed tiles, each with a corresponding number to indicate its position within the grid. I made the tattered numbering chart (above) about eight months ago, and it has remained in tact despite daily use over the intervening months. We are still using the chart on site to orient ourselves, and it has earned the nickname ‘The Shroud of Turin’. The crew decided to take the day off today to recharge for the final push after a chain of strenuous days.

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