Oakland Installation Dispatch

Ene, James and I worked long days in the heat and completed the Oakland Fusion murals by the end of Saturday, exhausted and relieved. Our biggest reward was when word spread among the train conductors to check out our project, and they would make a point of leaving the train to walk by the murals for the full effect, and invariably hail us with enthusiastic cheers. James and I will return to the site today and tomorrow to tie up a few loose ends, and the project will officially open in a few weeks. Here are some highlights from the past week:


Ene and James install the Chinese mandala


Straight on view of the Serape/Lace panel


Serape pattern on the left


Gluing Instruments

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  1. Scott, so sorry I missed you this am. I made a mad dash over to the trainstation. I am not familiar with that precise side of town and ended up on the wrong side of a freight train and everything!! But the murals are fabulous. There was a construction worker there who was also admiring them. Let me know when the opening is, I assume you’ll be there!!

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