Research in Rome


Anna Falchi by the Trevi Fountain while shooting La Dolce Vita

I’m very excited for my trip to Rome tomorrow. I’ve never been, but have a dreamlike sense of the city from cinema and art history. There is so much to see, it’s dazzling. My well-traveled friends say just walk, get lost, lose an evening to Trastevere. I have a list of specific sculptures and buildings to see in Rome related to our Makkeweks Project, and another list for Milan, but I’m hoping to stumble upon my destinations by hazard. Time is tight, so we’ll see.

I have a meeting in Switzerland, in Sainte Croix, to touch base with Reuge, the music box manufacturer who are making components for our Spinnradl Project in Cincinnati. I’ll take a train from Milan and spend a day working with their engineers on the sound-producing components for our 14’ high kinetic sculptures. It should be interesting to arrive in Switzerland for a technical charette after a ramble through ancient Italy.



Schematic rendering of our Spinnradl sculpture(s) for the City of Cincinnati.