Roadtrip to Mildred’s Lane


seascape under a stormy sky off the coast of Brigantine Island, New Jersey

The Delaware River  drains about four percent of the nation’s rainwater into the Atlantic through Delaware Bay, about 20 miles South of the island of Brigantine, New Jersey, where I began my journey to Mildred’s Lane. Growing up outside of Philadelphia, I’ve crossed the river hundreds of times, but this will be my first exploration of its full length as I meander its contours in preparation for my residency on site at Mildred’s Lane, outside of Narrowsburg, PA. 888 ???? I’ll stop in small towns along the way, looking at architecture and regional antiques, thinking about what I’d like to make next week and how it might relate to the river’s rich history. ????? ?????


I traveled overland  through the heart of South Jersey’s growing region, and stopped at a farm stand for peaches and blueberries to eat en route to Trenton, where I’d pick up the road North along the river.


Delaware River at Washington’s Crossing, where George Washington crossed on Christmas night, 1776.


Eighteenth century dwelling at Taylorsville, PA, a self-sufficient village during the era surrounding the Revolutionary War.


bridge connecting Upper Black Eddy, PA with Milford, NJ, as seen from the Bridgeton House Inn

I happened upon a charming Inn with a room that connects to a screened porch overlooking the Delaware, where I will spend the night and gather my thoughts for my project at Mildred’s Lane. I look forward to a refreshing morning dip in the river before getting on the road. ????? ??? ??? ????? The humidity is high and the temperature’s on the rise, and I’m enjoying sitting on the dock sipping the Inn’s complimentary sherry, watching the muddy river go by, where the lilies are coming into bloom along the shore.



lilies in bloom along the banks of the Delaware

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