Micro-Expedition, Session 5

In reverse of the cliche, I brought my students a peck of our own freshly picked apples and pears today, fuel for the challenging work at hand as they begin to construct their boats at full scale. It’s been a bad year for apples along the Sonoma Coast, after an unusually cold and damp spring […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 4

Willey, Jack, Luke and Sean work together to loft full scale contours During session 4 of Micro-Expedition, my Atelier class at CCA, most of the students began to loft to full scale, lifting lines from their 1/4 scale models, which they had cut into sections at structural stations. They made battens from thin strips of […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 3

Jack and Willey did a float test of their matching, 1/4 scale hull models I feel lucky to have such a congenial and productive crew for my Atelier class this semester. The students presented their 1/4 scale models the morning of our third session and have clearly divided into four teams, each collaboratively pursuing a […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 2

I made a 1/4 scale model of the ‘surfboat’ I’ve been studying to use as inspiration for the class. The design represents a type of hull that performs well and is easy to build, requiring no ‘building jig’. The frame for the boat is built off of the main ‘deck batten’, laid upside down on […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 1

I will be simultaneously publishing new content on my Micro-Expedition course on my new CCA weblog, which you can follow by clicking here. I’m excited to be teaching the Atelier Studio for CCA’s Furniture Program this semester. Russell Baldon invited me to be this year’s Wornick Visiting Professor, and I’ve designed a course I’m calling […]