Geodescic Greenhouse and RV Topiary

Wherever I travel I try to document roadside, vernacular architecture. Often times a journey to another region refocuses my attention when I come home to the Pacific Coast of Northern California. ivermectin oral solution for humans I was struck by these two structures over the past week, which pretty much typify the working class, domestic […]

Gehry and Madoff: cosmic twins?

After finally seeing the Pritzker Pavilion of Millenium Park in Chicago first hand, I’m beginning to view the work of Frank Gehry as an architectural cousin to the financial mindset of the likes of Bernard Madoff. Both stand out as icons of a gilded era that seemed until recently to be in its infancy but […]

Boat Slicks and Baseball Bats

It’s probably no coincidence that one of my favorite tools is the ‘boat slick’, a huge chisel whose long wooden handle either resembles, or is made from a baseball bat. I first learned about the properties of wood playing baseball as a kid, carefully selecting the bat with the tightest grain before going to the […]

Back to the Studio

a satisfying pile of offcuts accumulate as I make chairs for Becoming Independent Getting back to the studio this week makes me grateful that my work as an artisan requires such a range of activity. After a couple of weeks of project-related proposal-making, site visits, speaking engagements and interviews with the press, I’m delighted to […]

In Praise of Neighborhood Parks

community garden, Berkeley, CA (toolshed by wowhaus, 1995) “The older I grow and the longer I look at landscapes and seek to understand them, the more convinced I am that their beauty is not simply an aspect but their very essence and that that beauty derives from the human presence.” -John Brinckerhoff Jackson As much […]

Bottling the Cider

the Golden Orb Weaver (Argiope aurantia) sets her net in the breezy autumn garden Like all the other creatures marking this time of year- spiders weaving webs around the garden, hungry deer grazing roadside, the long-billed Dowitcher foraging the beach or geese flying Southeast in their familiar, honking ‘V’- we’ve been busy making provisions for […]

Entropy Schmentropy

I doubt the rancher who owns this tiny roadside outbuilding shares my enthusiasm for the patterns of blistered paint on its corrugated walls. He’d probably agree that it needs repainting and was a poorly executed job to begin with, or that the galvanized steel was best left exposed to the elements without any paint at […]