Running Fence Revisited

vintage Running Fence poster, tacked to the side of a barn in Bloomfield, CA What a rare treat when a work of art actually affects the course of everyday life for everyday people. Dozens gathered yesterday in Bloomfield, West Sonoma County to greet the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of […]

Vicis Vigio

the unique Red Gravenstein, just picked and ready for the press I never thought I needed a motto, but Vicis Vigio, which translates loosely as ‘Week in Bloom’, appears to suffice. I’ve become interested in the notion of mottos because they tend to go along with things that have lasted the ages, from heraldry to […]

Conspicuous Skies

Perseus cluster (image by Ken Crawford, Rancho Del Sol Observatory) I do my best to court coincidence, but would not consider myself superstitious. Like anyone, I just find it reassuring when cosmic events complement the task at hand and try to pay attention to patterns as they emerge. I did not plan to make the […]


Just as clothes suggest a particular attitude or posture, tools lend themselves to a certain stance and reinforce a way of moving. The appropriate outfit complements the set of tools required for a sequence of moves, and ‘craft’ becomes a performance tailored to the task at hand. I find myself creating a kind of character […]

Post Your Pics and Stories

Dear Friend of Deep Craft, I’m excited to announce that Deep Craft is now able to host user-generated content. I’m asking for your help in building an image archive of all things related to the concept of Deep Craft, ranging from your favorite vernacular architecture to jigs, tools, cooking, machines, materials, design, gardening, artisanry and […]

Apricots and Ponderosa

Looking south over the gorge towards the Seven Devils and the Wallowa Mountains from the tinder dry, high prairie of northeastern Oregon, you’d hardly expect to find apricots and blackberries growing along the banks of the Imnaha as you descend over rocky terrain, past tall stands of Ponderosa pine. Dense pine forests still rim the […]