Flotsam of the Day

I’ve always liked to use chalk when roughing things out on wood. Lately I’ve taken to scouring the beaches during negative low tides in search of seashells for making my marks. kup scabo ??????? ??? ???? The Pacific Razor Clam is ideal, softer than the East Coast equivalent, but hard enough to make a clean […]

Greenwood Global

Greenwood: Selective Harvesting Preserves Forests Though I’ve built just one boat to date, I’ve been an avid reader of WoodenBoat magazine for over 25 years. The publication is a major torch-bearer for the practice of traditional boat-building, and a treasure trove of primary source knowledge for all things wood. My favorite feature is invariably the […]

Surf Serendipity in Sayulita

surfer/shaper Andy Lambrecht takes a break in Sayulita I met surfboard maker Andy Lambrecht on our last day in Sayulita, Mexico. I noticed his handmade  wooden board by the beached fishing boats as we were packing up and getting ready to catch a bus back to Puerto Vallarta. ivermectin dose for cat ear mites Based […]

A Chair for Mindfulness

the Greens management team loved my prototype Greens Chair Like the Golden Gate Bridge that looms across the Bay from San Francisco’s historic Fort Mason Center, Greens Restaurant is a Bay Area icon. With close ties to the San Francisco Zen Center, the restaurant has embodied an ethos of attentive living and eating for over […]

Radical Pragmatism

My humble ESY stool can hold its own in a room full of Danish Chairs As I begin to make small production runs of my ESY stool (pictured above) to fill an increase in demand, I’ve been enjoying sending them out into the world and seeing where they land. Last week I delivered a sample […]

Labor Me Vocat

Translated from the Latin, Labor Me Vocat is roughly, ‘duty calls’, an apt motto describing my current state of affairs. As is occasionally inevitable in a life of craftwork, my head and hands are now fully focused on realizing a string of challenging projects, and my posts on this site will be less frequent. ???? […]

Greens Chair Update

1/4 scale model of my new dining chair concept for Greens Restaurant I generally try to avoid working under pressure, but find I often do my best work with my back up against the wall. When our Wowhaus Interview was published in San Francisco magazine last month, I was just beginning to clear the decks […]