Update on Furniture for Becoming Independent

BI panel1

1 of 16 painted panels by the artists at Becoming Independent

Late last week I received the first batch of panels painted by the artists of Becoming Independent, exploring the theme of ‘space’. There will be a total of 16 panels (2 per chair), all painted in acrylic on plywood boards, to be mounted in the backs of chairs I’m making for a children’s playroom at their Santa Rosa facility. It’s been a wonderful collaboration and already has me planning a more robust series exploring the panel-on-frame furniture concept with these artists. As I assemble the chairs, I’ve been researching historical precedent and have found a wide range of influences, from the early 20th century furniture of the Byrdcliffe Colony to the religious icon painting of feudal Georgia, especially the Khakhuli Triptych.


detail of the Khakhuli Tryptich, 10th-11th century (public domain image)