Space Chairs for Becoming Independent

three of eight Space Chairs for Becoming Independent, ready for finishing I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with artists with developmental disabilities in the design of my Space Chairs for the new playroom at Becoming Independent (BI) in Santa Rosa. The eight chairs are made from locally-milled Monterey Cypress, and their backs frame panels lovingly painted by […]

Update on Furniture for Becoming Independent

1 of 16 painted panels by the artists at Becoming Independent Late last week I received the first batch of panels painted by the artists of Becoming Independent, exploring the theme of ‘space’. There will be a total of 16 panels (2 per chair), all painted in acrylic on plywood boards, to be mounted in […]

The Art of Becoming Independent

painting by William Eley of Becoming Independent Communicating by making pictures must be among the oldest, most primal human instincts. For people born with severe developmental disabilities, the realm of art-making sometimes provides the only tangible outlet for the depths of thought and emotion. I studied at RISD and the Art Institute of Chicago and […]