NOMO Developments

nomo banner

We rode in the 4th of July parade to promote the NOMO concept

Our first week back at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center was action packed as we laid the groundwork for the NOMO EXPO. A part of our project as artists in residence is simply to promote the ‘NOMO’ concept, a word/logo we invented as a contraction of ‘non-motorized transportation’. It’s been wonderful collaborating with the Kohler Arts Center, who made NOMO banners to promote the project, which were carried in Sheboygan’s well-attended 4th of July parade.

nomo deck

one of two skate decks by Zak Worth, which we commissioned for the exhibition

bike basket

Sheboygan artist Michelle Ann Miller crochets baskets and panniers from plastic bags

sage's bike

The ‘pop-a-wheelie’ bike, made by¬† Sage, a 12 year old boy who lives in Madison

3 replies on “NOMO Developments”

  1. Love the NOMO projects and am missing you guys! I’d love to include the pop-a-wheelie on the Make site. If you have Sage’s last name and/or more details, please send them on, thanks!

  2. I will find Sage’s info. He and his younger brother, Zane, make other bikes together, and are big MAKE fans. I thought they’d make a great profile. Very cool family. Thanks for the encouraging words! Scott

  3. Looks as though things are going quite well for you guys in Sheboygan! Your NOMO project is certainly very interesting. Really enjoyed the photos – like the idea of making baskets from plastic bags ! Keep up the great work !

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