Wowhaus Projects Update

rockfish sculpture

‘Rockfish’, one of two monumental fish sculptures to be installed at a new library in SF

Ene and I have been preparing to install two major wowhaus public art projects we’ve had in development over the past year. ‘Abundance‘, which consists of two monumental, ceramic tile mosaic sculptures honoring the significance of ‘feeder fish’ to the marine ecosystem, will soon be installed at the Ortega Branch of the San Francisco Public Library, sited near Ocean Beach, within view of the Pacific. Ene recently met on site with Mary Chou of the San Francisco Arts Commission, who commissioned the project, to finalize location of the sculptures as the new building nears completion.

ortega site

Community members help Ene determine the location for our two large fish sculptures

patina tools1

materials used to make patina at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry

Having selected final sites of significance to Oaklands urban watershed, we’re nearly ready to install our ‘Stepping Stones‘ project, commissioned by the City of Oakland Public Art Program funded through Measure DD Bond Program, which was approved by voters for Oakland watershed improvements. We have been working in collaboration with the Environmental Services Department of the City of Oakland. The project consists of five relief sculptures, cast in bronze, depicting ‘stepping stones’ one might encounter when crossing a stream. The individual sculptures vary in size, but each one features animals native to the region seeking refuge on or around the stone, which has water flowing around it. The stones will be installed in various configurations on sidewalks with heavy pedestrian traffic, where creeks have been diverted underground. Ene recently met with the incredibly skilled artisans of Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, who cast the sculptures, to discuss patina before the sculptures are installed.

stepping stone1

stepping stone3

stepping stone5

stepping stone2

a sampling of patinas to consider for the ‘Stepping Stone’ sculptures

patina tools2

the artisans of Artworks Foundry cast the sculptures and are now adding patina

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  1. Hey Scott–Wish we could head west and see your word–It’s –well it’s just fine–Sally

  2. Thanks Sally- we’d love to see you! Ene and I are proposing a project in Philadelphia for spring ’11. I look forward to seeing you then if we get it. Meanwhile, maybe we’ll cross paths in LA sometime..

  3. Congratulations on the installation of your “stepping stones” on Lakeshore Avenue. They’re a great addition to an area that’s heavily trafficked by pedestrians and will be well appreciated.

    I’ve posted three photos on my Flickr account and you’re welcome to use them if you’d like.


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