Mildred’s Lane


Drawing by Mark Dion, from the Mildred’s Lane website

 I’m beginning to prepare for a residency at Mildred’s Lane this summer, described below on the Mildred’s Lane website:

Session 2.09
June 23- July 9, 2009

Artists-in-Residence to date:
Scott Constable, Mark Dion, Jeffrey Jenkins, Athena Kokoronis, J. Morgan Puett,
James Prosek, Boris Richter, Mike Spittel, Caroline Woolard, Denise Markonish
and many others pending.
The Session titled “THE LAND” will use the Mildred’s Land one hundred acres as
a laboratory for a far-reaching exploration of issues in landscape, earth art and
progressive sustainable technologies. The goal will to imbue the site with
a number of projects, which will have long-term benefits to future residents. This
session with utilize techniques and methodologies of mapping, plant and
animal identification, camping, sustainable harvesting and processing of wild
foods, and traditional and experimental dwelling construction. We will
eventfully collaborate through wild entanglements with the site, which includes
streams, a stone quarry, woodland, fields and gardens and bee yards. New
resident artists will attempt to expand the “workstyles” model to the great
outdoors far beyond the white wall of the gallery. This extensive program will
include a diverse gathering of cultural professionals: Architects, Artists, Farmers,
Builders, Naturalists, Writers and Environmental Professionals, each of which
will lead workshops or lectures or demonstrations. One possible result of the
session’s activities will be production of an illustrated field guide to Mildred’s
Lane which would be collectively authored. This is a program primarily for
fellows of a slightly more energetic and rugged sensibility, who do not shy from
spending a few nights in the woods.

I’m looking forward to  putting into practice in a contemporary art context ideas I’ve developed on these pages, and am now actively recruiting participants to join us for the session described above. Please stay tuned as the project develops and Mildred’s Lane makes enrollment available.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about my past involvement with Mildred’s Lane here, here and here.

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