Windsor Longboard Shapes Up


My prototype Windsor Longboard is nearing completion.  I shaped the outer contours with my favorite Italian-made, mini spokeshaves. I have a set of three but use the one pictured above for almost everything- its rockered base allows for the most delicate control. Over the weekend I plan to mount trucks and wheels and test its performance.

3 replies on “Windsor Longboard Shapes Up”

  1. awesome board. Can I ride it? Hahahahahahahahahaha………. no seriously can i? Anyways, I like the Deep symbol, and the wheels go nice with the brown. let me know when they will become buyable.

  2. Thanks, Gabe. I’m glad you like the board. I hope to have them available before summer. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to ride the prototype after we have some more good images for promotion while it’s pristine. The it will belong to Aili. See you soon! Scott

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