Fluke Site Progress

fluke site1

The Diamond D crew builds forms for our curvaceous hardscape. (photo: D Pettigrew)

Ene and I recently made two site visits to Santa Cruz to inspect form-work for the hardscape beneath our Fluke sculpture at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. Our bronze whale tail sculpture will sit at the edge of a courtyard at the building’s entry, and we designed a curvaceous pattern mimicking the motion of waves to be cast in colored, glass-embedded concrete with integral pigment. When the concrete is adequately cured after two weeks, Artworks Foundry will deliver and install the giant bronze sculpture.

fluke site2

The first forms are poured (photo: C Birns)

We’ve especially loved working with Crystal Birns, City Arts Program Manager, who introduced us to Dave Pettigrew, whose Diamond D Company we’ve contracted to do all the concrete work on site pertaining to the sculpture. Dave and his crew have made lovely curves in bent wood and are doing a beautiful job pouring concrete, stamping patterns and dusting in the glass. Once cured, the concrete/glass mixture will be sandblasted and ground to a terrazzo-like finish.

fluke site5

Entryway to the new Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz (photo: C Birns)

fluke site3

The Diamond D crew trowel fine colored glass into the wet concrete (photo by C Birns)

To learn about the development of our Fluke Project, please click here and scroll down.

tide pool

It’s always refreshing to stop along route 1 to check out the tidepools on the long journey down the coast.