Fluke Opening Ceremony in Santa Cruz

Fluke presides over the crowd at the new Monterey Bay Exploration Center. Yesterday evening’s opening ceremony honoring our Fluke project at the new Monterey Bay Exploration Center in Santa Cruz was proof positive to Ene and me that this has been our most rewarding public project to date. It has been privilege enough to realize […]

Fluke Unveiled

We designed the hardscape to complement Fluke, our bronze whale tail sculpture. Though the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center has yet to officially open in Santa Cruz, the City has unveiled our Fluke sculpture to satisfy public curiosity. It’s been great fun to see images of people interacting with it, coming up from […]

Fluke Installation

We carried the Fluke sculpture into position with a giant forklift. (photo: Crystal Birns) With a big sense of relief and the pride of accomplishment, Ene and I installed our Fluke sculpture earlier this week at the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz. Piero and his crew from Artworks Foundry delivered the […]

Fluke Site Progress

The Diamond D crew builds forms for our curvaceous hardscape. (photo: D Pettigrew) Ene and I recently made two site visits to Santa Cruz to inspect form-work for the hardscape beneath our Fluke sculpture at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. Our bronze whale tail sculpture will sit at the edge of a […]

Fluke Patina

Aiya created a beautiful patina for our Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry Ene and I met with Aiya at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect the patina she’s been layering up on our Fluke sculpture before it’s sealed and delivered to Santa Cruz for installation. While the patina will be maintained by the Monterey Bay […]

Fluke Progress

Our bronze Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, ready for its patina Hats off to Piero and Rose and the stellar crew at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, who have once again masterfully fabricated one of our projects in bronze. We stopped by the foundry today for a final inspection before our Fluke sculpture gets its patina […]

A Trip to the Foundry

cast bronze sections of our Fluke sculpture are welded together over a steel armature We paid a visit to Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect our Fluke sculpture as it nears completion. The foundry is doing an exquisite job fabricating the sculpture, which they will also install in Santa Cruz after the footing is poured and […]