Made in Jupiter


‘Jupiter’, my recently completed hydraulic press, forms two Deep Deck blanks at a time.

I first started calling my new hydraulic press ‘Jupiter’ when I was forming up the concrete blocks, knowing its compressive force would exceed that of the planet Jupiter, whose gravitational pull is about three times that of Earth’s. The planet Jupiter is named after the ruling god in Roman cosmology, the god of sky and thunder. As the press took shape I realized it evoked the ancient stone alters dedicated to Jupiter, so the name stuck.

I can now press two Deep Deck longboard blanks at a time, doubling my production capabilities and eliminating a complex clamping procedure. ‘Jupiter’ will be central to my Deep Craft Atelier, to premier at Storefront Lab in San Francisco’s Mission District this summer. My longboards will now sport the distinctive stamp, ‘Made in Jupiter’.

jupiter with moons

The planet Jupiter has roughly three times the gravitational force of Earth.

jupiter god

Jupiter is the ruling god in Roman mythology, god of sky and thunder.

jupiter alter

Roman alter dedicated to Jupiter, 2nd-3rd century AD.


My thanks to Reliable Hardware of Santa Rosa, CA for manufacturing the steel parts.

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