Deep Deck Developments

Click here to learn more about Deep Craft Atelier, a pop-up store at Storefront Lab.

truck jig

I designed a portable, adjustable-length hole-drilling jig for mounting trucks to decks.

I’ve been having fun making my first production run of Deep Deck longboards in Jupiter, my hydraulic press, whose crushing force shapes camber and concavities in veneers of elm, black walnut and acacia. I love when production runs give me a chance to invent specific jigs and fixtures, and I’m getting ready to try out my new truck hole-drilling jig in anticipation of my Deep Craft Atelier project at Storefront Lab.

The jig is the latest development in my line of portable tools to make skateboard decks at remote sites in anticipation of a series of pop-up stores in the SF Bay Area and along the West Coast. Consisting of two identical blocks of 3/4″ thick aluminum, threaded along standard 3/8″ diameter all-thread, the jig allows for an adjustable wheelbase, and serves as a template for drilling mounting holes for standard trucks using a hand drill.

Click here to read more about the development of the Deep Deck longboard.