Fluke Opening Ceremony in Santa Cruz

fluke opening1

Fluke presides over the crowd at the new Monterey Bay Exploration Center.

Yesterday evening’s opening ceremony honoring our Fluke project at the new Monterey Bay Exploration Center in Santa Cruz was proof positive to Ene and me that this has been our most rewarding public project to date. It has been privilege enough to realize a large public bronze for such an esteemed client (NOAA) at such a spectacular site (by the beach in view of Monterey Bay), but the warm and appreciative reception attended by the project’s major stakeholders was the icing on the cake. It’s rare in contemporary life for such a diverse cross-section of institutions and individuals to share common goals, let alone reach consensus on their public expression, so it’s truly thrilling to see such unanimous enthusiasm and action when it comes to protecting the health of our marine ecosystems.

fluke opening5

The Monterey Bay Exploration Center is across the street from the Municipal Wharf.

To read more about the development of Fluke for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center, please click here and scroll down.

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  1. congratulations, you guys……looks fantastic. The deepness of the color is very satisfying, and real.

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