Wishing Wands

One of three ‘seed heads’ of stainless steel and crystal, fabricated by Jeff McCann After a year of planning with the City of San Jose’s Public Art Program, we’re excited to be finally installing our Wishing Wands sculptures at Berryessa Creek Park. The latest Wowhaus project consists of three 12′ high sculptures depicting ‘dandelions’ in […]

Conspicuous Skies

Perseus cluster (image by Ken Crawford, Rancho Del Sol Observatory) I do my best to court coincidence, but would not consider myself superstitious. Like anyone, I just find it reassuring when cosmic events complement the task at hand and try to pay attention to patterns as they emerge. ??????? ???????? I did not plan to […]

Running Fence Revisited #1

A section of the fabric from Christo’s ‘Running Fence’ (1976) is used as a backdrop for the Salami Toss at the Occidental Fire Department’s annual summer barbecue. When Christo and Jeanne-Claude realized their seminal Running Fence project in West Sonoma County in the mid-1970’s, they traded materials used to construct the 24 mile long fence […]

Mildred’s Lane Dispatch

David Brooks tests the completed pole lathe at Mildred’s Lane (photo by Walker Tufts) The Mildred’s Lane Fellows have completed the pole lathe using entirely materials from the land, and are ready to test its performance cutting green wood, split and foraged from recently fallen trees of beech, hickory and white oak. As I have […]

Stellate Geometries

The more time I spend away from the urban grid, the more I fall under the spell of non-rectilinear geometries. Straight lines and right angles are on the wane in my imagination, replaced by radial, spiral and stellate forms wherever I roam. I have a new appreciation for domes and geodesic thinking, and increasingly want […]

Emergent Patterns

The idea of ’emergence’ is usually associated with birds flying in flocks or insects swarming; a larger pattern emerges as the summation of otherwise unrelated, smaller patterns acting in unison. Emergent behavior is the best kind of unintended consequence, but is by nature impossible to predict. la ivermectina puede tomar un diabetico I try to […]