Tree Consciousness

One of my few surviving drawings of trees from first and second grade My fascination with trees and wood dates from early childhood, when I would spend hours staring at trees in different seasons and trying to draw them as accurately as I was able, carefully mapping every branch, leaf or blossom. I remember getting […]

Dedicated Tools

I love my vintage Craftsman “60” one speed drill As challenging as it can be, it’s always wise to extract as much satisfaction from the task at hand as from what the task yields. This is especially true in production woodwork, where tasks are sometimes tediously slow, repetitive and physically demanding. My approach is to […]

Seeking Public Peaks

view of San Francisco and the Bay from the Top of the Mark, looking north When we lived in the city our lives were closely tuned to its pulses and flux. We grew and changed as a family at the pace and scale of the neighborhood, circles of friends, walks and talks, through layers still […]

In Praise of Ruins

The Occidental Yacht Club in 2009, before it began to seriously buckle Maybe the Occidental Yacht Club was not such a great idea to begin with. At six hundred feet above sea level, the town of Occidental is a dozen winding miles down to the cliffs and breaks of Sonoma’s unforgiving shores. While I have […]

Traveler’s Mindset

The final bend home on my return from the coast along Estero Americano Some days I like to do things that help me maintain a Traveler’s Mindset, so critical to sustaining the enjoyment and success of our wowhaus projects. Yesterday I rode the tide down my favorite local waterway, Estero Americano, to the mouth where […]

On Waiting

I love the string of well-worn Windsors at our local laundromat My friend Mike High was well known in our art school days for coining mock mottos and platitudes that were equally absurd and profound, a grey zone that defines the genre. One of my favorites was, “when I launder, my mind wanders; when I […]

In Praise of the Notebook

I’m loyal to the Rhodia #12, 5 x 5, 80 g/m2 – 21.3 lb vellum I’m far from a Luddite. I have a laptop, two websites and a blog, a Facebook profile, do the majority of my reading on a Kindle, use digital cameras and rely on my mobile phone almost exclusively for communication. Without […]