Seeking Public Peaks

view of San Francisco and the Bay from the Top of the Mark, looking north When we lived in the city our lives were closely tuned to its pulses and flux. We grew and changed as a family at the pace and scale of the neighborhood, circles of friends, walks and talks, through layers still […]

Authentic Inauthenticity

a simple bench made of packing crates reinforces the charming illusion of Chinatown Part of the allure of San Francisco’s Chinatown is that it was conceived as, and remains a study in authentic inauthenticity. Despite the fact that China has emerged as a global economic power, people from all over the world are drawn to […]

Comparative Menus

menu of bronze patina finishes, Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, CA To me, making is best the more closely it resembles cooking, and a day of making-related meetings is best when it orbits around eating. Our day began yesterday dropping off the completed and finally-approved creatures for our Sunnyside Menagerie Project at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, where […]

Ted Boerner

Ted at our recent ‘Glazing Bee’ on the wowhaus compound I recently spent a lively evening in San Francisco with my good friend Ted Boerner. Ted is an influential taste-maker in furniture and interior design, as well as a devoted fan of Deep Craft. We’ve had an ongoing conversation for years about many things, including […]