Incline House

I was recently invited by Matt Bua and Maximilian Goldfarb to submit a drawing for the publication of their upcoming book and accompanying exhibition, Visionary Architecture (title pending): “Visionary Architecture will concentrate on un-built (impossible or speculative) structures that exist on paper. This project begins with an invitation to a wide range of participants, including […]

Ideal States of Comfort

I was reading Ulla Maaria’s recent column “Renting is the New Buying” where she referred  to a survey she had made among students about what ‘luxury’ meant to them. The results helped to reinforce her larger point regarding assumptions we make about what constitutes well-being, “Instead of associating luxury with money or any imaginable form […]

California Classical

A few years ago I designed a pedestal to be used as either a table base or, when scaled down, to support a bench. I wanted to evoke the grace and solidity of classical Greek architecture, but based my contours and proportions on the native oak and acorn instead of the acanthus of the classical […]

Hard and Soft Influences

Seen as ‘skill in execution’, craft plays a role in shaping all spheres of influence. Deep Craft is this acknowledgment. I would love to build an archive of examples of Deep Craft within each of the tiers of government, business, design and art. In government, the Constitution comes to mind; in business, Google floats to […]