The Scale of Now

Stereo view of the sun by NASA, showing magnetic fields As I develop a new body of work in wood, I find myself seeking the simple pleasure of being present in the moment with my material and tools. It’s the ultimate luxury for any artisan to act as one’s own client, which is where I […]

Now Day

We met a kid drumming to the setting sun over Portuguese Beach Craving some time out of time to relax and refresh, we traipsed up the coast, rambled along riparian paths of redwood and red alder to remote gulches and beaches, snoozing, snacking and staring into the waves. We had a Now Day, checked our […]

Milling the Pecan Tree

My friend Sean Gavin mills logs on site with his portable Wood-Mizer I spent an action-packed weekend milling my first tree, a mature pecan (Carya Illinoensis) that grew in the sandy soil of a nearby horse pasture. The tree was beginning to die and had been dropping large branches, threatening the safety of the horses. […]

Coffee Table Series

The first in a series of coffee tables, a lozenge-shaped slab, 30″ x 72″ x 16.5″ high I’ve begun making a series of coffee tables, encouraged by a recent commission from my brother in law to make one for my sister’s 50th birthday later this month. It’s always easier to make things in small multiples, […]

Fog Studies 1

Fog Study 1 Fog Study 2 Fog Study 3 Fog Study 4 Sand Pattern 1 Sand Pattern 2 Apart from the redwoods, who loom at silent attention, the fog is the most distinguishing feature of our stretch of coastline. I think of the fog as redwood’s muse, a gargantuan creature, shy but willful, overly self-conscious, […]

Comparative Utopias

I love the patterns that emerge on my chopping block I think we can all agree that over the past decade, since the publication of Dwell Magazine and the increasing ubiquity of companies like Design Within Reach in the marketplace, mid-century modernism has emerged as the default style for design-savvy Americans. This observation may be […]