Sunnyside Conservatory Menagerie

I’m putting finishing touches on a series of creatures for our Sunnyside Conservatory Menagerie project for final approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission before they are cast in bronze. The Conservatory building and grounds are currently under thorough renovation, and the creatures will be permanently installed over the summer as a complement to the […]

A Lovable Barn

Unconstrained by the rigors of domestic comportment, outbuildings often reveal the true character of a homeplace. Their practical requirements associated with daily life reflected in the interior workings- storage, work, repair- are kept in balance with their more poetic exterior. A lovable barn is where you can find shade on a hot day, rinse your […]

The Week in Bloom

The week preceding the vernal equinox welcomed the return of web-spinning spiders around our property, harvesting a new crop of air born insects brought on by the warm weather and longer days. We’re also beginning to see evidence of an oddly early annual migration of Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus), if yesterday’s swarms along route 101 […]

Windsor Longboard Roadtest

Aili took her Windsor Longboard  for a test spin and loved how it handled- it carves  with ease and feels rock steady going fast. The camber is just right, with just enough flex to ease road vibration and pump on a quick turn. I’m now taking advance orders for the deck on my GOODS page […]

The Week in Bloom

Superstition is the consequence of the repeated confluence of seemingly unrelated phenomena, not unlike coincidence, but with a belief system attached. For the superstitious, the minutiae of daily life appears to reflect the orbit of planetary bodies, luck and ill omen seemingly spinning in sync with the vacillating tides. The Romans called this day the […]

Handstone Family

Over the years I’ve been collecting stones of a particular shape on local beaches, particularly during winter months when storms pull away the blanket of sand. Stones of this shape are rare but seem to represent an ideal, one that most beach stones tend towards, given local conditions. The stones fit snugly in the hand […]