Sunnyside Conservatory Opens

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom loves our Sunnyside Menagerie project (photo: Bill Wilson) Sunnyside Conservatory officially re-opened to the public over the weekend with a bang. People crowded into the conservatory’s historic, octagonal building, hundreds spilling onto the paths of the tiny, botanical jewel of a park. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom joined other state and […]

Wowhaus Haps

I hit the ground running upon my return from the first leg of our Kohler Arts Residency in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Our plate will be quite full over the next 6 months while we develop a project focused on non-motorized transportation for Kohler, which will begin to take shape in earnest when Ene, Aili and I return […]

Sunnyside Menagerie Update

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust Following years of planning leading to over a year of extensive renovations, Sunnyside Conservatory is nearing completion, and wowhaus recently made a final site visit to confirm locations for our Sunnyside Menagerie prior to installation. Thanks to […]

Sunnyside Menagerie Update

one of three ‘grumpus bumpus’ sculptures, in situ Our bronze sculptures for the Sunnyside Conservatory in San Francisco have been cast, cleaned up and are ready for patination. We met with the people at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry the other day to discuss options. I would love to leave the sculptures ‘raw’ and let the bronze […]

Casting in Bronze

pouring molten bronze into molds for our series of sculptures for Sunnyside Conservatory in San Francisco We were thrilled to witness the bronze casting of our series of sculptures for the Sunnyside Conservatory Menagerie yesterday at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry. It has been an honor to collaborate with artisans skilled in the ancient art of lost […]

Comparative Menus

menu of bronze patina finishes, Artworks Foundry, Berkeley, CA To me, making is best the more closely it resembles cooking, and a day of making-related meetings is best when it orbits around eating. Our day began yesterday dropping off the completed and finally-approved creatures for our Sunnyside Menagerie Project at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, where […]

Sunnyside Conservatory Menagerie

I’m putting finishing touches on a series of creatures for our Sunnyside Conservatory Menagerie project for final approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission before they are cast in bronze. The Conservatory building and grounds are currently under thorough renovation, and the creatures will be permanently installed over the summer as a complement to the […]