Tsuru Progress

My wooden crane sculpture is ready to be cast in bronze at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry I spent the past two days at Artworks Foundry putting final touches on my crane sculpture for our Tsuru project. After permanently connecting the 9′ wingspan to the 8′ body, I focused on patching seams, shaping final contours and finessing […]

Tsuru Progress

I still refer to my original model of Tsuru as the full scale version nears completion. (photo by John Whalen) I’ve been shaping the final contours of my wooden crane sculpture for our Tsuru project in Denver. It’s been an arduous but satisfying exercise carving a form in wood at this scale, mostly because the […]

Tsuru Update: Carving the Crane

My 9′ wooden crane sculpture shapes up in the studio. One of the reasons I opted to carve the giant crane for our Tsuru Project in wood is that I get truer contours when shaping grain; there’s a dialogue between the material and the form and the shape just emerges as I slowly shave away […]

Tsuru Update: Sculpting the Basswood Crane

The crane, roughed-out in layers of basswood, almost ready for shaping I’ve been laminating layers of basswood to shape into a large crane sculpture, to be cast in bronze as the feature of our Tsuru Project in Denver. With a specific gravity of 0.32 and non-directional, knot-free grain, the wood is lightweight, stable, and carves […]

Tsuru Update

the great white egret flock in the marshes around Bodega Harbor as they migrate south The Dungeness crab season officially opened in Bodega Bay over the past weekend and the beaches have been teeming with life just after dawn- fishing boats on the bay, surfers on the south swell, pelicans skimming cresting waves, geese wedging […]