Makkeweks Final Inspection

Earlier this week I met with the City of Oakland for the final inspection of our Makkeweks sculpture prior to installation. Installation is delayed until mid-2017 pending completion of Snow Park but the foundry completed the fabrication of the bronze castings and the sculpture’s interior, stainless steel armature in anticipation of temporarily storing the monster […]

Making Molds of Makkeweks

Garrett McLean makes molds of Makkeweks at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry I hadn’t realized how attached I had become to the Makkeweks until we took her apart and loaded her up on a flatbed for delivery to Berkeley. The studio seemed suddenly huge and empty, and the sculpture looked kind of sad and nervous on the […]

Tsuru Progress

Piero prepares to hoist the sculpture into position. Ene and I finally got to see the fully assembled crane sculpture for our Tsuru Project. Once again, Artworks Foundry has done a masterful job brazing the sculpture’s bronze skin around a superstructure of welded, stainless steel tubing. We’ve decided to give the bird a light golden […]

Tsuru Progress

My wooden crane sculpture is ready to be cast in bronze at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry I spent the past two days at Artworks Foundry putting final touches on my crane sculpture for our Tsuru project. After permanently connecting the 9′ wingspan to the 8′ body, I focused on patching seams, shaping final contours and finessing […]

Fluke Patina

Aiya created a beautiful patina for our Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry Ene and I met with Aiya at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect the patina she’s been layering up on our Fluke sculpture before it’s sealed and delivered to Santa Cruz for installation. While the patina will be maintained by the Monterey Bay […]

Fluke Progress

Our bronze Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, ready for its patina Hats off to Piero and Rose and the stellar crew at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, who have once again masterfully fabricated one of our projects in bronze. We stopped by the foundry today for a final inspection before our Fluke sculpture gets its patina […]

A Trip to the Foundry

cast bronze sections of our Fluke sculpture are welded together over a steel armature We paid a visit to Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect our Fluke sculpture as it nears completion. The foundry is doing an exquisite job fabricating the sculpture, which they will also install in Santa Cruz after the footing is poured and […]