Fluke at the Foundry

fluke base wax

A wax section of the base of the whale tail is released from its mold at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley

scott and piero

Piero Mussi helps me make final adjustments to the base before it is prepared for casting in bronze

fluke ceramic2

The other sections have been reinforced and coated in a silica/ceramic slip to keep their shape when cast

To follow the progress of our Fluke Project, click here and scroll down.

2 replies on “Fluke at the Foundry”

  1. Yes indeed! Casting in bronze is such an ancient wonder, and this will be our largest piece to date. I think they cut the original form into about 8 sections, to be cast individually and welded together around a stainless steel armature for added strength (people will be invited to climb on the piece). Artworks Foundry in Berkeley does all of the work once we deliver the original- they make the molds, waxes, cast everything, weld, match textures, patina, and in this case, install the finished piece. They are an amazing company, founded by Piero Mussi in the seventies, a third generation foundry man. We plan to attend at least one of the pours, but it’s a hike to Berkeley and they move very quickly, so there’s not always much warning.. Stay tuned!! And thanks for commenting! Hope you are well!! Scott

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