A Trip to the Foundry


cast bronze sections of our Fluke sculpture are welded together over a steel armature

We paid a visit to Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect our Fluke sculpture as it nears completion. The foundry is doing an exquisite job fabricating the sculpture, which they will also install in Santa Cruz after the footing is poured and cured this December. Fluke was cast in eight individual sections that the foundry welded back together around a stainless steel armature for added strength. The welds are then ground and textured to make a  seamless surface to match our original positive form. Satisfied with the final shape, we spent some time discussing the patina, and decided to go with a deep, dark blueish tone with lighter veins and greenish highlights on the bumps and barnacles. I’ll be excited to see the foundry’s patina samples soon!




Scott and Aya discuss the patina

fluke detail1

hollow bronze sections are attached to a stainless steel, structural core (photo by Artworks Foundy)

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