Fluke Progress

fluke complete1

Our bronze Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, ready for its patina

Hats off to Piero and Rose and the stellar crew at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry, who have once again masterfully fabricated one of our projects in bronze. We stopped by the foundry today for a final inspection before our Fluke sculpture gets its patina in anticipation of installation within the next month in Santa Cruz. This is the first time we’ve seen the completed piece, and we were thrilled at the level of craftsmanship and detail, with no sign of welding seams. ivermectin kupit cz The foundry will apply a dark blueish patina within the next week, and we’ll return for a final inspection before the project is installed at the new  Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center.

fluke complete2

the sculpture is designed to be climbed by children visiting the new Exploration Center

fluke texture

I’m anxious to see the texture develop over years of being touched

To learn more about the Fluke Project by wowhaus please click here and scroll down


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  1. Congratulations, beautiful work.
    I hadn’t realized this was going to Monterey, how exciting. I hope to one day see it and by then I hope it has been worn smooth by hundreds of young hands.

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