Bicycle Composter Comes Home


Ene spins the composter above our vegetable garden

MIX, our bike-powered compost tumbler, has found a final home on the Wowhaus compound, perched atop what remains of a pool deck, above our vegetable garden. The tumbler quickly breaks down our kitchen scraps, mixed with ashes and sawdust, and dumps the mixture into a garden bed in need of amelioration. The functional sculpture returns from an exhibition called Terroir: A Sense of Place, curated by Patricia Watts for Art at the Cheese Factory in Petaluma. Last year, MIX debuted at Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco, which you can read more about here.

2 replies on “Bicycle Composter Comes Home”

  1. Hello there,

    I am Lucila from Brazil. I had a look at your MIX and simply fell in love with it. I have a question about it:
    How do you get the “trash liquid” out? (That ‘d be interesting to know as such liquid could well serve to enrich plants growth.)

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