Fluke at the Foundry

A wax section of the base of the whale tail is released from its mold at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley Piero Mussi helps me make final adjustments to the base before it is prepared for casting in bronze The other sections have been reinforced and coated in a silica/ceramic slip to keep their shape when […]

Fluke Waxes

Wax sections of our Fluke sculpture hang by a window at Artworks Foundry in Berkeley Something about seeing the Fluke waxes for the first time, hanging backlit by the foundry windows like curing hams, signaled the arrival of autumn. Maybe it was the lower angle of the sun, or the sweet smell of wax melting, […]

Tales from the Whale Tail

We layered the texture over coats of flat grey paint to see the contrast. As Ene and I near completion on this phase of our Fluke sculpture, having spent the week fairing the form and applying a texture to the entire surface before molds are made prior to bronze casting, I realize how much I […]

Fluke Progress

Ene applies a scratch coat of plaster to a section of our Fluke sculpture We’ve begun to apply a surface texture to the foam sections comprising our Fluke Project, featuring a life-size sculptural interpretation of a humpback whale tail, to be cast in bronze and permanently installed at the NOAA Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center in […]

Wowhaus Projects Update

My 1/6 scale model of the humpback whale tail for our ‘Fluke’ project The arrival of spring typically finds Ene and myself juggling proposals, installations and fabrication at the wowhaus studio, having spent the rainy months laying the groundwork for new production in public sculpture, furniture and product design. We’re particularly excited about a new […]